Whether you are moving or donating some stuff here are some packing secrets to make your packing job look and feel like the pros. So, when the movers Melbourne come into your house you’re ready and good to go.


  • The early bird gets the worm. You should start to pack early so you don’t have to hurriedly do the packing. If you are inexperienced it is important that you get to pack early so you can do it properly. You don’t have to randomly shove stuff into the boxes and lose things because you aren’t sure where one went. You’ll lessen your headache and stress and you’ll actually enjoy the process.
  • You can even make an inventory of things that will go to your new home or to charity.

  • Take care of the breakables. There are so many fragile items in the house that you barely notice it until you find yourself looking at them. A great way to put them in boxes is to wrap them in clothes. This is a double purpose as you can use the clothes you have to wrap the fragile items. Just make sure that the clothes you are using to wrap these items doesn’t have metal zippers and buttons that can be the cause of its breakage.
  • Don’t give them space. Your things inside the boxes should not have an awkward space that would cause them to shift around because with all the handling the box is getting it can surely damage it. You can use clothes to fill in those extra space or smaller things. This is a great way on maximizing the space in the box.
  • Ziploc bags for tiny parts. If by any chance you have to disassemble a furniture it is a good idea to use ziploc bags to put the tiny parts in and then taping them on the main frame of the furniture. It is easier for you to lose parts so this is another way to make sure that you can assemble the furniture back in shape.
  • Label properly. When labeling your boxes make sure to put it on all sides. This will help you when you are moving the items because you know where it is supposed to go and when it’s time to unpack. You don’t have to turn the box around to know what is inside. Wasting a lot of precious time.
  • Overnight Bag. This is very handy when you moved already because you don’t have to unpack boxes to get the essentials you need for that night. So, you can put toothbrush, face wash a couple of clothes into the bag. Just imagine that you are packing for a short vacation.  Just to get everything in.
  • Make sure to pack heavy items in small boxes and that they should always be in the bottom of the box. You can then put smaller items on top. For lighter items you can use the big boxes instead.